Friday, May 6, 2011

Raymond Weil Joins Tappinn For Print Advertising Campaign

(Press Release) New York, NY... Luxury Swiss watch maker RAYMOND WEIL, whose timepieces are internationally known for their independent design and high quality, is now embedding custom mobile tagging websites (TAPPINN Smart Sites) within the pages of their U.S. print advertising using TAPPINN QR codes. Each of the four collections, Parsifal, Noemia, Freelancer and Maestro, are tagged with a unique QR code that leads the smartphone user to exclusive mobile web media developed specifically to augment the ad collection artwork, user location and publication. The advertisements will run in publications such as Men's Health, Esquire, Wall St Journal and more.

When the QR code is scanned with a QR reader app using the camera on a web enabled smartphone, users are instantly delivered to a geo-aware mobile landing page promoting nearby retailers with HTML 5 mapping and highlights additional watch designs relevant to the particular advertisement. The RAYMOND WEIL Smart Site also features brand social links, videos, product pages, galleries, catalog requests and newsletter signup. 

QR codes are not new to the print advertising world, but the content being delivered through them is evolving.  The latest explosion of smartphone purchases in the U.S. ignited a flurry of brands using QR codes, but many were not delivering the experience consumers deserve, according to TAPPINN CMO Nick Ford.  "The marriage between the mobile web and print advertising is unlike any in the history of marketing. Mobile websites should be designed exclusively for tagging-targeted print advertising by delivering unique value and bridging the ad’s message off the pages and into the palms of potential customers”. The red square in the upper left hand corner of TAPPINN QR codes is a TAPPINN trademark that symbolizes their dedication to delivering rich, secure, targeted mobile web content. “This is a philosophy that sets us apart from competitors and the red square allows consumers to recognize a great experience before they scan a TAPPINN QR code. We are proud to have a brand like RAYMOND WEIL to represent that” says Ford.

TAPPINN is unlike any QR code management platform on the web. Brands, agencies, printers and publications can build, deliver and track 100’s of custom QR codes and exclusive mobile landing pages for all forms of print and visual advertising. Page building and detailed analytics are integrated within QR code creation technology, giving members a unique advantage. TAPPINN saves QR codes under specific pages, sites and campaigns for easy management and tracking. This offers a complete package of page building, QR code creation, management, analytics and reporting that can't be found anywhere else on the web.

The Swiss family-owned RAYMOND WEIL, founded in Geneva in 1976, enjoys a special position in the exclusive world of luxury watch making. Independence is the essential value of RAYMOND WEIL Genève’s state of mind. RAYMOND WEIL, both nationally and internationally, has created a strong presence in the arts, with a direct tie to music and opera through sponsorship and naming of their collections. RAYMOND WEIL timepieces are varied and determinedly modern, characterized by high quality and precious materials with an emphasis on aesthetics. RAYMOND WEIL prides itself in aestheticism, watch making know-how and creativity, the core values that consolidate the basis of the brand’s philosophy.


  1. I think they could have hit this out of the park had they advanced me in the sales funnel on the micro site. The micro site content, although very attractive and easy to navigate, misses the mark for me in that regard. I had no interest in going forward with a Raymond Weil watch because I didn't learn anything and wasn't lured in farther ...a missed opportunity.

    The logical next step for me would be to learn about why a Raymond Weil watch is what I should buy. Tell me about the construction, show me a testimonial, offer me 10% off, etc. Instead the videos are flashy TV ads and the other content is typical website material re-sized for mobile.

    I can envision a Weil/agency meeting in which they lament that the QR code campaign isn't generating much new business but that this is okay because it's building awareness.

    That's a shame because with some content tweaking a campaign like this could = sales instead of mere brand awareness.

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